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Dental Technology Detroit

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Dental Technology DetroitDiLoreto Dental Care utilizes the latest dental technology to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction at our Detroit-area practice. Dr. David Diloreto and our experienced staff are pleased to offer an array of dental technologies.

Cosmetic Imaging

A major piece of our dental technology at DiLoreto Dental Care, cosmetic imaging grants our Detroit-area patients a glimpse into the possibilities their smiles may hold. Often, you are not fully aware of the potential improvement that can be made to your smile through a few simple dental procedures. Seeing yourself, and getting a sense of potential post-treatment transformation, can be quite revealing and exciting. Cosmetic imaging helps to ease any fears or apprehensions that patients may be harboring against cosmetic dental procedures. It allows our patients to have confidence in their future smile.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a form of X-ray imaging that uses digital X-ray sensors instead of the film found in traditional X-ray technology. This reduces the amount of radiation exposure by over 80 percent. The digital radiograph allows the doctor to manipulate the dental image virtually, enhancing the diagnostic quality in ways that cannot be achieved with traditional dental X-rays. Digital radiography is an integral element of the dental technology in use at our Detroit-area practice.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is an advanced treatment option for a variety of dental procedures. Most pain and discomfort associated with many dental procedures is caused by the heat and vibration of the dental drill. The Waterlase® MD utilizes a patented and unique combination of laser energy and water to safely, accurately, and painlessly prepare the teeth and surrounding soft tissue for dental procedures. As the Waterlase® MD does not vibrate, and thus does not heat the teeth, as with a standard dental drill, most procedures can be done without the need of local anesthesia.

Another piece of dental technology in use at DiLoreto Dental Care’s Detroit-area practice is the diode laser. This highly accurate tool can be used in a wide array of dental procedures, from oral surgery to tooth whitening. The diode laser also creates very clean incisions with minimal to no bleeding. The laser uses a small optical fiber that transmits the energy conducted through a small crystal in varying degrees of strength, making the diode laser an excellent choice for many dental procedures.

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With a wide variety of the latest dental technologies available, the Detroit-area practice of DiLoreto Dental Care is a leader in the industry. Our patients receive the best possible care in a comfortable, relaxed setting featuring a bevy of amenities. Whether you need a simple exam or total mouth restoration, our dental technology can help improve the experience and most importantly, the results. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry or are in the market for a new dentist, contact us at DiLoreto Dental Care to schedule a personal consultation.